Washington Policy Center Releases School Rankings

The Washington Policy Center uses rankings created by the State Board of Education to determine how schools are achieving across the state.

Schools are given a ranking: exemplary for the best, very good, good, fair and struggling for the worst.

41 of the 60 schools in the four Tri-Cities area districts are rated no better than fair. The only school with an exemplary ranking in the Tri-Cities is Ruth Livingston Elementary School in Pasco.

The four districts break down as follows:

Kennewick School District    

Best: Ridge View Elementary           

Worst: Edison Elementary

Pasco School District            

Best: Ruth Livingston Elementary

Worst: Emerson Elementary

Richland School District       

Best: Lewis & Clark Elementary

Worst: Jefferson Elementary

Finley School District            

Best: River View High

Worst: Finley Elementary

29 of the 37 schools in the three Yakima area districts rated no better than fair.

The three districts break down as follows:

Yakima School District 

Best: Davis High School

Worst: Adams Elementary

East Valley School District 

Best: East Valley High School

Worst: East Valley Elementary

West Valley School District       

Best: West Valley Middle School

Worst: Ahtanum Valley Elementary School

Statewide, 60% of students attend a fair or struggling school, while only 10% of schools rank as either very good or exemplary.

For a full list of every school in the state and each ranking, please click here.