Radiation Found in Richland Drinking Water; Still Safe to Drink


Trace amounts of radiation from Japan's nuclear disaster has been detected in Richland's water supply, but a city official said the water is still safe to drink.

The Environmental Protection Agency has been testing drinking water around the country since the nuclear disaster, and this is the first time, in this country, radiation has been found in drinking water.

The EPA reports it found trace amounts of Iodine 131 in drinking water in Richland and in Boise, ID.

It would take almost 7,000 liters of water for an infant to drink with this trace amount to receive a day's worth of the natural background radiation.

Pete Rogalsky, Richland Public Works Director, said there is nothing to worry about, but the city is keeping its eyes out.

"The water is good to drink," Rogalsky said. "We're communicating with the EPA to find out the extent of their program and if they have any concerns...but at this point, there is no concern that the levels that they measured are not worthy of any concern and we're following up to get the full story."